advocacy/97154: doesn't display well in Firefox

Darren Pilgrim darren.pilgrim at
Fri May 12 01:51:34 UTC 2006

Vanja wrote:
> I'm using on 6.1-release, and everything seems to be fine at
> Could You be more specific about "displays faulty"?

I don't know about the OP, but for me, running Firefox and 
Internet Explorer 6.0, there are multiple elements which don't size 
correctly.  Navbars wrap and column items extend past the edge of the 
grey area.  The short answer is the layout uses px sizing to hard-code 
layout dimensions rather than allow the browser to resize the layout to 
meet the requirements of the user.

This and other design and usability problems were brought to the 
attention of those involved in the new layout's development back when 
the new design was first launched.  A professional web designer for whom 
I installed her development and productions servers, included an offer 
to polish the layout to meet design and accessibility best practices. 
She said it was the least she could do for FreeBSD making it possible to 
start her business "without giving Microsoft one damn penny."  The 
response?  Silence.

I say just close the PR.  No one cared then; why should they care now?

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