Fernando.BULK E-MAIL LISTS.Required.

Metodologia Trabalhos metodocad at hotmail.com
Sun May 7 17:56:17 UTC 2006

Dear Misters,
I am respectfully calling your company from Brasil, South America.
Calling your company for strictly humanitarian and cultural purposes( as i 
wish in a near future to built a cultural organization to ask - around the 
world - second hand computers....printed books and so on to give by donation 
to my poor population in my city, and around my Santa Catarina State.

Getting some e-mail list (completely authorized and validated) from some 
companys in Brasil, Mexico, E.U.A., Great Britain, Netherlands, Saudi 
Arabia...and so on   my list have  around 250 million worldwide different 
e-mails.Of course, some of this e-mails your can have as well.

What i want?
I just want to swap our lists.I can send my list to your postal address 
(keeping my swordfish until you delivered your lists for me) or sending your 
company to a specific link to download the files.

Of course, have been swaped the lists.....for each swordfish i give for 
me.....i will give one for you and so on.Until the end.

I really, we do not need to be disonest to ourserves.

And, as technnical translator, we could make something here in Brasil about 
this lists.

OBS.My lists have some programs....i do not if they are good..because i did 
not use them yet.

So, i do not have anything more to say.Just to ask you: Think a little 
bit.It is worth for both sides.

Yours sincerely, Fernando Tavares.Brasil.

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