Petition! Ask Macromedia for a native Flash Player!

Ádám Szilveszter sziszi at
Mon Mar 20 11:06:14 UTC 2006

Giorgos Keramidas said:
> Having said that, I hate Flash, because it makes pages very unusable
> for
> me most of the time.  Some of the pains involve the inability to use a
> text-based browser for quicky accesses, the inability to select a font
> size that matches my preference, the inability to copy text from and
> to
> flash elements, etc. etc.
> I still filled the form, because some times it's impossible to access
> a
> page AT ALL if Flash is not available.

In addition to the above, I think it would still be of greater benefit
to the open source world as a whole if alternative flash player
software were created by the community. A similar example is PDF: It
would be really bad if all we had today for dealing with PDF were the
Adobe reader... but that meant that someone had to sit down and
reimplement the standard even though AR for Linux existed at that time
already, for example. I know that there used to be alternative
open-source flash plugins at one time (supporting version 4.x of
flash) but for some reason, not much interest seems to exist to create
others. (I know about the in-development GNU project but it is very
early development at this time.)

Anyone know of anything else? I would love to find an existing

For some reason, begging for closed-source native FreeBSD versions of
utilities does not feel right, neither for the user, nor for the
manufacturer (just think about it, how many separate versions they
would have to maintain just to support all FreeBSD versions in
widespread use today? Something like 3-4, unless I am mistaken...)
which will likely mean that some versions simply will not be supported
at all instead.

Just my opinion...

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