BSD Mall : to hell

Allen slackwarewolf at
Sun Mar 19 23:15:21 UTC 2006

On Sunday 19 March 2006 2:55 pm, Don Witt wrote:
> It seems that Gilbert Fernandes is dissatisfied with the service of the
> BSDMall.  We think that the BSDMall provides a high quality service as we
> continue to receive excellent ratings from customers at the store.  We are
> very sorry that the purchase did not work for him. We will send another
> copy to Gilbert on Monday.

You'll also note I put in my part on this. It took forever but when I tried 
another order of a free item, I replied the next day to this all again to 
point out I did not only receive the order, but that some free stickers were 
thrown in and that it appeared to me that bsdmall was trying to make right 
what had happened with my order too.

> the BSDMall to do several things:
>  * Continue to serve the BSD community
>  * Pay back the Vendors the money that was owed
>  * Provide additional support to BSD through the sponsorship of new
> drivers.

This may seem high and mighty, but I have a few suggestions:

Put the phone number back on the web page so that people can actually call.

When a product sells out and you're awaiting stock, update the web site to 
point out it's back ordered so when someone orders it they know what is going 
on, I was told this was what happened with my DVD and that they were 
expecting more by the end of the week.

Since Email is easy to spam, maybe a message board would be of use. When a 
customer has a problem or a question they could ask it there and people who 
are actually there could then help them out.

A drivers CD for various versions of BSD. Like for sound cards Network cards 
video cards. Cheap to make.... Easy to put together, and would help a lot of 
people looking for drivers for hardware.

BSD Power Paks... Believe me, these would be popular. Free BSD mall sells them 
but you could order those and make some for NetBSD and Open BSD maybe.

Not sure about this one but selling BSD/OS could be a good idea too.

> Gilbert, while this was your first order with the BSDMall, we are sorry
> that it turned out so badly.  We have hundreds of customers that have
> ordered multiple times and are satisfied with the service.  We will
> continuing to take steps that will improve the process and customer
> satisfaction.

It was mine too. But as I pointed out I decided to give you guys another shot 
and ordered a free item to see when it would get here and it it happened 
again, and as I said I made a reply to this the day after it came to point 
out it had come, and with a lot of free stickers which I thought was a hell 
of a nice gesture.... May only be stickers, but I loved them.

> Don Witt


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