BSD Mall : to hell

Don Witt witt at
Sun Mar 19 19:55:40 UTC 2006

It seems that Gilbert Fernandes is dissatisfied with the service of the
BSDMall.  We think that the BSDMall provides a high quality service as we
continue to receive excellent ratings from customers at the store.  We are
very sorry that the purchase did not work for him. We will send another copy
to Gilbert on Monday.

People contribute to BSD in many ways.  While I have been involved with UNIX
since 1980, and was very technical, I have chosen a sales/Marketing path.
With that understood, I would not be contributing code, rather service.
Before I go further, please let me provide a little back ground.  I have
been supporting the BSD community for 16 years.  More recently, I have been
supporting the efforts of the BSDMall.  The was owner of the
BSDMall.  They used the profits of the BSDMall to subsidize the DaemonNews
magazine and other Daemon News activities.  Graphics et al for the magazine
is not cheap.  They were doing a good job, but 911 happened.  All
advertising money for the magazine dried up. We helped them by expanding the
product line to the VoIP market.  This seemed to help for a while, but they
were not able to recover from the 911 days.  

Unfortunately, the went bankrupt last year. When they went
bankrupt, they owed vendors a lot of money.  New management has taken over
the BSDMall to do several things:
 * Continue to serve the BSD community
 * Pay back the Vendors the money that was owed
 * Provide additional support to BSD through the sponsorship of new drivers.

    We hope this will help BSD stay abreast of the current technology.
 * Continue to be Evangelists of BSD technology:
    BSDMall will be in Boston  at LinuxWorld April 2-7. 
      All of the BSD communities are welcome!

When Gilbert's order arrived in early November, the BSDmall was in the midst
a transition from the old management location in the Midwest to the new
management location on the west coast.  The BSDMall was in the process of
receiving inventory, subscription list, equipment, graphics, and more.  New
manufactures and suppliers had to be found and business relationships
established. We also had to get the email servers transferred to another
host. It took some time to get everything ready for the first shipment.
While we had some problems, FreeBSD started shipping during the first week
of January and was finished shortly after.   The first product was shipped
to Gilbert at this time.  The BSDmall will charge a card at the time of a

It should be understood that product is shipped FOB Mountain View, CA.  Once
it has been delivered to the shipper, it is the customers responsibility and
liability.  While one may not want to hear that, most companies operate that
way.  We know that the product shipped so it is either the United States
Postal Service or the French Postal Service that has stolen or lost the
package.  I would direct some of the energy being spent towards them.

Gilbert, while this was your first order with the BSDMall, we are sorry that
it turned out so badly.  We have hundreds of customers that have ordered
multiple times and are satisfied with the service.  We will continuing to
take steps that will improve the process and customer satisfaction.    

Don Witt

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