KDE marketing survey

Henrik Nordin hnordin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 11:37:59 PDT 2006


This message is from the KDE promotional community. We at KDE are
currently trying to establish contact and are taking steps to improve
our relations and communication with distributions kind enough to
focus on KDE.

We would therefore like to get hold of an email address where we can
reach you for future surveys, interviews, and other promotional
purposes. The contact which receives these surveys should preferably
be a person with some overview and insight into the community and
user-base of your distribution.

We value your hard work and look forward to improving our
communication going forward. Rest assured that all communication with
KDE is considered private and confidential; discussions on information
disclosure are welcome.


Henrik Nordin
KDE Marketing Community

Henrik Nordin
Rönnblomsgatan 5
212 16 Malmö
Sverige Suedé Sweden
Tel: 040-6023966
Mob: 0708-665669

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