Flash Petition (Was Re: FreeBSD as a Desktop Article)

Frank Laszlo laszlof at vonostingroup.com
Wed Jan 11 06:18:09 PST 2006

Tim Greening-Jackson wrote:
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>> How about a campaign where every time a FreeBSD user comes across a
>> Flash website, he/she sends the webmaster an email stating that we
>> can't see their content because Flash is not available for FreeBSD?  I
>> wonder if we could generate a noticeable volume.
> Well, I suppose if you wanted to be super-sneaky/smart, it's fairly easy to
> write a web-crawler that would recurse its way through the whole interweb
> thing noting those sites with flash and then automatically mailing the
> webmaster. You could do it in about 10 lines of Python (note I am NOT
> offering to do this - it's merely a suggestion).

Kinda like those crawlers that find broken links on you site and mail
you offering to fix them.. I hate getting those and usually discard them
as spam. I imagine the same would be true for your idea.

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