Mail originating from FreeBSD servers spam-blocked by large organization

Eric Anderson anderson at
Fri Jan 6 05:15:45 PST 2006

Erich Dollansky wrote:

> Hi,
> Alan Smithee wrote:
>> Naturally, I think this is a rather draconian defense, of limited 
>> practical
> they should block e-mails written by Outlook clients.
>> Does anyone have any advice?  In particular, I would be keen to 
>> obtain any
>> statistics or references for organizations that use FreeBSD to host 
>> their
>> email servers.
> The problem could be linked to Hotmail and Yahoo. Hotmail was FreeBSD 
> and Yahoo should still be FreeBSD.
> Both are commonly used for spamming.

This thread should be cc'ed or reposted to the freebsd-isp@ mailing list 
- there are lots of admins and such there that can act as a reference 
for this kind of misinformation about FreeBSD.  Whatever organization 
this is (and I presume possibly a .gov), should really re-evaluate their 
means of blocking mail, and maybe do a little research first.  If they 
are blocking based on the word freebsd then who knows what else they 
think is evil.. Yikes.


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