BSD Mall : to hell

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Fri Feb 24 13:49:05 PST 2006

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> To: Miguel Lopes Santos Ramos <miguel at>
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> Subject: Re: BSD Mall : to hell
> Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 22:15:03 +0100
> Miguel Lopes Santos Ramos <miguel at> writes:
> > Dag-Erling Smørgrav <des at> writes:
> > > The CD packing business funded FreeBSD development for years before
> > > the Internet killed it.
> > [...]
> > I keep my subscription since 1995, even though it's not ecological.
> > You seem to confirm my belief that the money I pay for my
> > subscription goes to FreeBSD development. I'm relieved.
> It depends where you buy it.

Well, this really is my point. It depends.

On Debian website there's a wordwide list of CD sellers. On this list, there's
only one seller listed for Portugal. Do you think that there's only one place
in Portugal that sells Debian CDs?

I ask for apology to all those that felt offended with my statement and I
really didn't mean wherever. But there are many cases where I don't think it
is very honest. There's a legal principle which forbids enrichment without
cause. And given the price of some distributions, I really hope their
contributions to open source development justifies.

Anyway, my subscription was from Walnut Creek CD-ROM, and if I recall, was
automatically upgraded to FreeBSD Mall... It's from FreeBSD Mall now and I wish
it was more useful to me.
If anyone has any specific data like the amount of revenues that really goes
to FreeBSD development, I would really be interested in knowing it.


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