BSD Mall : to hell

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Fri Feb 24 12:15:52 PST 2006

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> Subject: Re: BSD Mall : to hell
> Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 17:32:49 +0100
> Miguel Lopes Santos Ramos <miguel at> writes:
> > Dan Langille <dan at> writes:
> > > Miguel Lopes Santos Ramos <miguel at> writes:
> > > > Wherever there's people making money out of free software
> > > > there's dishonesty.
> > > This is untrue.  Many people make money out of free software.
> > > There is a long history of it and all of it quite honest.
> > Sorry. I meant in the CD packing business.
> The CD packing business funded FreeBSD development for years before
> the Internet killed it.

Well, FreeBSD CD packing funding FreeBSD development, that seems right...
Obviously, I only think that it would be dishonest if FreeBSD CD packing
didn't fund FreeBSD development or at least development of a similar project.

That was also what I was talking about when I mentioned $40-50 CD sets of
Linux and FreeBSD sold at corner shops which only fund the CD packer.

I keep my subscription since 1995, even though it's not ecological.
You seem to confirm my belief that the money I pay for my subscription goes
to FreeBSD development. I'm relieved.

I didn't know FreeBSD development was killed.


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