LinuxWorld Boston

Matt Olander matt at
Tue Feb 21 12:57:17 PST 2006


As part of our FreeBSD booth at LinuxWorld Boston this year, we received 
100 free passes to the show. The show is scheduled for April 3-6 at the 
Boston Convention and Expo Center.

If anybody is interested in having some passes mailed to them, please 
send an email with your address to linuxworld at ixsystems dot com.

The pass allows access to:
* Keynote Addresses
* Feature Presentation
* 3 Day Exhibit Hall
* BoF Meetings

This appears to be different than the free passes available on the 
LinuxWorld website, which do not mention access to BoF meetings.

More information on the show can be found at

We will also have a booth for FreeBSD at the LinuxWorld show in San 
Francisco this year. As that show draws near, I will post more information.


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