Pablo Delgado pablo.delgado at
Tue Apr 25 16:17:01 UTC 2006

I am not sure if this link to there wish list has been passed around yet 
so here it is again just in case. This link was sent to me by a rep at 
macromedia telling me that request on their wish list guides there 
development. So I guess we should all put on this wishlist for a FBSD 
native player.

If everyone is aware of this link already then simply ignore my email :-)



> It would be nice to have a native plugin. I personally do not install 
> the Linux Compat, and don't really plan on ever doing so.
> If an application does not provide a FreeBSD port I just don't use it. 
> So I too requested that they consider creating a FreeBSD port. 
> Hopefully we get enough users to bug them and they will comply. =)
> Regards,
> Pablo Delgado
>> I know this has been an exhaustive topic as of late, but it needs to
>> be addressed. Flash should be supported in some fashion on FreeBSD and
>> now we can't even run the Linux plugin (not that it worked without
>> crashing Firefox constantly anyway). Their license is unacceptable and
>> we need to speak up. Maybe we could file a class action suit against
>> the monopoly they are creating here. I only run FreeBSD on my desktop
>> and they are trying to force me to run something else, which I find
>> appalling. So if you feel the same way, do what I did and start
>> contacting them through their website in a polite, but direct request
>> for support:
>> Chad
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