Sam Lawrance lawrance at
Sun Apr 23 11:15:07 UTC 2006

Chad Gross <avatar4d <at>> writes:

> I know this has been an exhaustive topic as of late, but it needs to
> be addressed. Flash should be supported in some fashion on FreeBSD and
> now we can't even run the Linux plugin (not that it worked without
> crashing Firefox constantly anyway). Their license is unacceptable and
> we need to speak up. Maybe we could file a class action suit against
> the monopoly they are creating here. I only run FreeBSD on my desktop
> and they are trying to force me to run something else, which I find
> appalling.

FYI, I am currently working on trying to get FreeBSD added to the list of
authorized operating systems so  that we may continue to use the linux
flash plugin.

- Sam

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