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Daniel Seuffert DS at
Tue Apr 18 12:59:34 UTC 2006

Shteryana Shopova schrieb:
> --- Daniel Seuffert <DS at> wrote:
>>Dru schrieb:
>>>I met Nikolay at the BSD booth at Linuxworld
>>Boston and he is interested 
>>>in putting together a BSD booth at OpenFest in
>>Sofia, Bulgaria later 
>>>this year. Do we have any contacts in that part of
>>the world who can 
>>>make sure that there is some FreeBSD swag at the
>>booth? Please cc 
>>>Nikolay in any responses in case he is not
>>subscribed to this list.
>>Hi Dru and Nikolay :-)
>>The only FreeBSD I know personally in Bulgaria are
>>Shteryana Shopova
>>and Peter Pentchev; I cc'ed both of them.
>>Last time I saw Shteryana at FOSDEM, Brussels, in
>>February I gave
>>her a bunch of FreeBSD-CDs to distribute them in
>>I would be glad if someone helps Nikolay organizing
>>a booth.
> The idea of having FreeBSD booth at OpenFest in Sofia
> is great - I'll be glad to help and we'll find some
> other people to help too.
>>I can send him CDs/DVDs, posters and ohter stuff if
>>he likes.
>>It would also be if someone in Bulgaria could
>>translate the
>>stuff at
>>note that we currently work hard to improve those
>>flyers and add
>>10 more, work is progressing fast).
> I can start working on translating the stuff in
> Bulgarian - as far as I know OpenFest will take place
> sometime mid October - plenty of time to prepare
> Bulgarian flyers until then. I'll probably need some
> instructions on file format and how to submit
> translations and ... 
>>Of course I would like to see people translating
>>those flyers to other
>>languages... If you are interested feel free to
>>contact me.
> I don't know if Nikolay has mentioned that but there's
> also a separate BSD-related track of lectures during
> OpenFest - the so called local BSDCon and we were
> hoping to trick some FreeBSD people into giving a talk
> this year.
> shteryana

Hi Shteryana,

we use OO 2 and .odt, the English versions are here:

They are frequently updated, sometimes daily.

I created a bg-directory here:

If you need a WebDAV account let me know asap.

You can also let me have the tranlations in
plain mail or via any other way, I will take
care of the .odt and .pdf files myself.

Best regards, Daniel

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