BSD booth

Daniel Seuffert DS at
Mon Apr 17 20:16:08 UTC 2006

Dru schrieb:
> I met Nikolay at the BSD booth at Linuxworld Boston and he is interested 
> in putting together a BSD booth at OpenFest in Sofia, Bulgaria later 
> this year. Do we have any contacts in that part of the world who can 
> make sure that there is some FreeBSD swag at the booth? Please cc 
> Nikolay in any responses in case he is not subscribed to this list.
> Dru

Hi Dru and Nikolay :-)

The only FreeBSD I know personally in Bulgaria are Shteryana Shopova
and Peter Pentchev; I cc'ed both of them.

Last time I saw Shteryana at FOSDEM, Brussels, in February I gave
her a bunch of FreeBSD-CDs to distribute them in Bulgaria.

I would be glad if someone helps Nikolay organizing a booth.

I can send him CDs/DVDs, posters and ohter stuff if he likes.

It would also be if someone in Bulgaria could translate the
stuff at (Please
note that we currently work hard to improve those flyers and add
10 more, work is progressing fast).

Of course I would like to see people translating those flyers to other
languages... If you are interested feel free to contact me.


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