[SPAM] Re: Flash Player on FreeBSD

Ádám Szilveszter sziszi at c2.hu
Wed Apr 12 07:50:55 UTC 2006

Ok, after reading all of this, I start to wonder... There is lots of
talk about asking Macromedia for a flash player for FreeBSD, some
would be even ready to pay up...

At the same time, I see little to no movements in creating alternative
flash players... as if it was a natural given that only Macromedia
software could be used to ever touch flash. Interesting. <Irony> Why
no fundraise for an MS Office port for FreeBSD then? </Irony>

Unfortunately in the past there were some attempts here and there with
alternatives but they are mostly abandoned by now, except for the GNU
sponsored project which is n very early stage. It would be interesting
to know why this is so? (Apart from major lazyness on the part of many
open source developers who consider that since they can use their
Linux boxes with the Macromedia software, there is no problem to

As for "only occasional" releases (that you even pay for!) just to be
something for FreeBSD: no thanks. We already had that with the
"official" Netscape binaries for FreeBSD: it was really major fun to
load all the compatibility crap because their application only ever
existed in aout format. Such things also become outdated. This is not
the way. Imagine if Macromedia once released a version 5 binary for
FreeBSD and that's all you'd be left with until say version 9. Good
luck with using that on today's sites.

If you want to raise money, raise it to support the development of an
alternative open source flash player so that everybody can make use of

At least that's my take on it.

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