Flash Player on FreeBSD

Michael Vince mv at thebeastie.org
Mon Apr 10 07:41:04 UTC 2006

Michael Vince wrote:

> Jeff Cross wrote:
>> I have seen a number of e-mails lately about a petition for having a
>> native Flash Player for the FreeBSD operating system.  I have noticed
>> that the flashplayer* plugin has been removed from the ports tree and I
>> understand why.  But, what needs to happen to allow FreeBSD users to use
>> the Flash Player plugin?
>> I just saw where Verizon and Adobe have come to an agreement to allow
>> Verizon to put the Flash Player on their mobile phones.
>> http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/biztech/04/06/adobe.verizon.reut/index.html?section=cnn_tech 
>> Would it be possible to approach Adobe about getting this kind of
>> agreement for FreeBSD?  I mean, their EULA says the software can't be
>> used on the Windows XP Media Center operating system (unless I have
>> misread this, please correct me if I'm wrong). There are a number of
>> laptops coming out now with the Media Center OS on them.  Don't you
>> think they run Flash Player on them?
>> I'm not trying to kick a dead horse here.  Like I said earlier, I know
>> this has been discussed time and time again.  But, I thoroughly enjoy
>> using FreeBSD.  I rarely boot in to Windows any more.  As much as I hate
>> to admit it, it just feels natural to visit a Flash enabled web site and
>> have it work on FreeBSD.  Even though I don't visit that many (on
>> purpose anyway), when I do I like to see what I visited the site to see,
>> even if that happens to be Flash enabled content.
>> I'm sure I'm not as smart as most of you guys, and don't claim to be,
>> but I am willing to help!
>> Jeff Cross
>> www.averageadmins.com
>> _______________________________________________
> I believe the only way this is going to happen is probably the same 
> way Verizon got theres and thats with handing over money.
> I think if some one asked how much money it would cost to get 
> Macromedia/Adobe to port/create a flash player they might tell us say 
> $20k
> This could easily be reached since other fund raises for FreeBSD have 
> accumulated large amounts of money pretty fast.
> I talked about this in mid March for the FreeBSD Java project on this 
> mailing list as I noticed that Andre Oppermann fund raise was 
> obviously quite successful.
> Also Colin Percival did a fund raise less then a week ago got his 
> target of $15,000 Canadian in less then a week just to rewrite 2 
> programs which are already fully functional.

BTW I forgot to list Colins web site just FYI.


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