advocacy/89731: TOO MANY SPAMs on's mailing list

Takeo Hashimoto takeo at
Wed Nov 30 03:12:39 GMT 2005

Hi all.

# Sorry from another 'from' address,
# but I am the sender of advocacy/89731.

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005 13:28:31 -0500
John Baldwin wrote:
>On Tuesday 29 November 2005 12:36 pm, Takeo Hashimoto wrote:
>> >Description:
>> there are too many spams on's mailing list.
>> - newbie can not find any kind of know-how from ML archive site.
>> - almost expert user are disappointed at miserable state of community.
>> - oldie does not think about mass happiness.
>> - once you post article to lists, spammer get your address from archive.
>> - waste network traffic and server resource.
>> - distinct honor of "FreeBSD is a freedom for spammer"
>Note that doesn't administer the services on
>Instead, is delegated to a separate group that manages all of
>the resources for including DNS, mailing lists, etc.  You need
>to contact the folks there via postmaster at  Note also that
>spam is an unfortunate reality and that there is only so much that a public
>mailing list run by volunteers in their spare time can do.

I know that is just one of sub domain
of, and doesn't administer it,
and doesn't have a fault about this.

But spam damages FreeBSD own honor.
I think that this is a whole FreeBSD problem, and
I think that only can make change.
# so I did send-pr.

Of course I know the admins of are busy.
I respect thier volunteer mind, but sorry to say,
the way admin do it is arbitrary.
I think transparency and democracy is necessary
for a decision on will, like a core team.

OK, we can protect our mailbox by some filter. but spam
pollutes ML archive (on the web) and spammer can get more
reachable addresses. That is not an individual problem.
that is a matter of ML management policy.
and it should be changed to get happiness of the majority.

Admins are volunteer, and they don't have much time,
so we have to search the solution which get the biggest
effect by the minimum cost.

I think "restrict_post" is the answer.
# Takeo Hashimoto.                             sempre ff.  #

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