Linux/Mac OS X Systems Programmer Consultant Needed

Darlene Forsythe dForsythe at
Tue Nov 1 17:43:01 PST 2005

Good evening, 


I thought that I might ask this group if anyone has a referral for a
consultant with the following skills:


If interested, please feel free to contact me


Darlene Forsythe, PHR

Staffing Consultant

Phone: 408-585-5115

Email: dforsythe at

Web Site: <> 





Linux/Mac OS X Systems Programmer



Project Description:

Omneon filesystem client port to Macintosh OS X Operating System


The project requires porting the Linux-based Omneon filesystem client to

the Macintosh OS X operating system.  This includes all functionality

featured in the Linux version.  The final software must operate as a

networked filesystem under the OS X kernel.  A performance goal of

40 megabytes per second for file copy operations is required.


Additional work products include detailed project schedule, status

design documentation, an installation and de-installation system for the

filesystem module, and documentation describing how to install, use and

de-install the filesytem module.



Skills required:

- OS X or FreeBSD/Mach kernel development experience

- Network systems programming

- Filesystem development

- Excellent communication and documentation skills



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