[30-05-05] Layout update

Johnson David davidjohnson at siemens.com
Tue May 31 10:04:23 PDT 2005

From: John Jawed [mailto:johnjawed at gmail.com]
> I've tried to amend to the best of my ability the resizing issues 
> mentioned earlier. I think, if you do not know much about CSS
> layouts, that you should expect some type of distortion at some
> unrealistically small resolutions (less than 800x600). 

I don't think less than 800x600 is unrealistically small. I have a 21" CRT
with 1600x1200, and I routinely have browser windows with widths less than
800. Why? So that I can have two windows side by side on my screen. Add in
room for the window borders and scroll bars, you're significantly less than
800 width.

For this reason I recommend a minimum width of no more than 750. Actually,
the smaller the minimum you can get the better. 


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