Romanian BitDefender for FreeBSD Mail Servers line

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Sat May 28 14:24:19 PDT 2005

Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> All, inc Daniel,
> advocacy@ list is not a web designers chat room.
> Regular hot air here from various people about web page design is Tedious.
>   - advocacy@ is the Wrong Address to change content of
>   - Use send-pr to submit web page corrections (for a commit to cvs/www).
>   - www@ exists - use it !
>   	Ref
> 		"A mailing list that allows you to send mail to the
> 		Webmasters, the managers of FreeBSD Project web servers
> 		(not web servers that hosted on FreeBSD computers)."
>   - webmaster@ is an RFC standard address, consider that too.

I do believe that the official website is by far the biggest 
channel of promoting FreeBSD that we currently have, and as such, 
I believe that any discussion about replacing, improving or in 
any other way change it clearly qualifies as FreeBSD advocacy 
And, if I understood it correctly, he was not requesting an 
immediate change to the webpage. He stepped up and announced a 
*will* to change it, and was asking for feedback and thoughts. 
When the community, ie advocacy@, approves of his work and agrees 
on a actual website change, then it would be time to involve the 
webmasters (they are of course welcome to join the discussion 
earlier if they so wish).

I have been subscribed to this list for a long time, and I cant 
recall website design as a subject being discussed even once. The 
design of on the other hand frequently comes up, but 
I consider that to be as advocacy related as anything else 
discussed here.
I can see that we simply disagree here, but the fact that this 
discussion pops up every other month clearly shows that there are 
a lot of people that wants something to happen. Seeing people 
chasing them off the list everytime is something *I* find tedious.


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