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Fri May 27 11:46:44 PDT 2005

Thank you!  Now that _is_ a constructive counter-argument.

It's true that mambo server is a basic utility, but you need to
transfer only a single directory, and dump a single database and
transfer this.  A simple script can do that. How many mirrors does the
project have?  I don't see a real problem unless there is over a
thousand mirrors...

On 5/27/05, Massimiliano Stucchi <stucchi at> wrote:
> On 260505, 16:07, Bruno Gallant wrote:
> > Hello guys, why not just use one of the many open source cms programs,
> > like Mambo Server for instance?  It would be easy maintenance.
> The problem is not about the main website, but about mirrors.  You
> cannot make it mandatory to have all the facilities needed by a CMS like
> Mamboserver, drupal and, most of all, Plone on a mirror site.
> All in all, it would be much more difficult to maintain mirrors using a
> CMS.
> Cheers
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