Main site makeover

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Fri May 27 07:54:11 PDT 2005

John Jawed wrote:
> Right now, I have the design stored away into a PSD (I still use Windows for 
> design work), I suppose I could just auto slice it right away...but that 
> would not be the code I want to hand over and hence may not be what I wanted 
> to protray (mainly because Photoshop slices in tables, I'd like this 
> completely in CSS).
> I will try to get a URL to this list by Sunday. Could any of the FreeBSD 
> webmasters comment on this as well, if they have not yet :-)

Take it from someone who has tried before; you will get no response 
whatsoever until you can show a complete and functional version of 
what you are trying to accomplish.
But trust me, there are a lot of voices out there that wants the 
website to change, so if you can produce something that will get it 
started, you will get a lot of support!


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