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Dan Langille dan at
Thu May 26 11:55:33 PDT 2005

On 26 May 2005 at 11:51, John Jawed wrote:

> Hello,
> Long time user, first time poster :-P
> I've been advocating FreeBSD to my Linux counter parts ever since I started 
> using FreeBSD. It sometimes disappoints me when I visit the main site, 
> <>, that it has an early 90's Frontpage errie 
> look to it. If this has been discussed before and a new layout is on it's 
> way, please disregard my comments. I would like to help bring the front page 
> into the future, and the site design in general. 
> I'm willing to give the webmasters the CSS and HTML files of my design, no 
> strings attached. The new design IMO, would be essentially the same as far 
> as where things are situated, and well organized as it is currently.

I'd suggest posting the URL to your design.

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