Main site makeover

John Jawed johnjawed at
Thu May 26 11:51:19 PDT 2005


Long time user, first time poster :-P

I've been advocating FreeBSD to my Linux counter parts ever since I started 
using FreeBSD. It sometimes disappoints me when I visit the main site, <>, that it has an early 90's Frontpage errie 
look to it. If this has been discussed before and a new layout is on it's 
way, please disregard my comments. I would like to help bring the front page 
into the future, and the site design in general. 

I'm willing to give the webmasters the CSS and HTML files of my design, no 
strings attached. The new design IMO, would be essentially the same as far 
as where things are situated, and well organized as it is currently.


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