is this your culture?

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Wed May 11 14:21:30 PDT 2005

Jeppe Larsen wrote:
> Hi again
> -Our way of doing things is right (well, this is very commonsense, because
> of course you think that FreeBS at least has some things right, or else
> you wouldn't be working on the project vulentarily. But it should also say
> something about your little "distance" you make to the way for example
> GNU/Linux does things. "The BSDL is true free software", "We love Unix,
> we don't hate Windows" and so on)

I would not say that "our way of doing things is right" is 
typical for FreeBSD, or BSD in general for that matter.
Being a person that works with Windows and Linux but runs to BSD 
when given freedom to do so, I must say that BSD has the by far 
most "tolerant" user base. I frequently hear BSD users say things 
like "look at that project, their way of solving this is way 
better then ours" or "I wish BSD was as good as OtherOS on this" 
or similar. I think the ability to admit weakness is one of the 
strenghts of the BSD community. If we can face the fact that 
others do things better, we can also improve the way we do 
things. To rephrase, I would like to put it something like "Lets 
try to do things the right way", be it our way or someone elses.

I must say that the "true free software" and "we love UNIX, we 
don't hate windows" quotes are very descriptive of the BSD 
attitude. Couldnt say it better myself.


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