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Hello Jeppe,

Thursday, May 12, 2005, 1:46:41 AM, you wrote:

JL> Thanx for your replies, and I can assure you that we have written all over
JL> our report, that _good_ code is almost all that matters, so there
JL> shouldn't be anything missing there. We will consider wbat to do with your
JL> other suggestions.



JL> -One must think for himself and do "the right thing" (here hopefully
JL> referring to the mentality that one should at least have searched google,
JL> the mailinglist archive and read som man-pages, before involving others in
JL> his problems. It should also refer to the idea about "elegant software"
JL> and writing software that gives the user the abillity to do what he wants
JL> and not the other way around)


JL> -Our way of doing things is right (well, this is very commonsense, because
JL> of course you think that FreeBS at least has some things right, or else
JL> you wouldn't be working on the project vulentarily. But it should also say
JL> something about your little "distance" you make to the way for example
JL> GNU/Linux does things. "The BSDL is true free software", "We love Unix,
JL> we don't hate Windows" and so on)

Yes, in addition to (1) and (2) it must be said that BSD users tend to
have more deep knowledge in used areas. It is preferred that you gain
through way described in (2) systematic knowledge: not pieces "do this,
it will work way 1, do that, it will work way 2", but overall

En masse comparison of systems:

Linux way: following HOWTOs, quick-n-dirty making things work, doing
by example, writing HOWTOs for a few practical things not counting other
variants, not big all-covering docs.

BSD way: long preparative reading of all available docs, understanding
how it works (you do nothing practical before this and patiently
learn), then you have ability to do whatever you want as you know all,
so you prefer to do it the most elegant (as seen from theory) way.
After that, good all-descriptive docs (academic way!) are written, not
step-by-step HOWTOs.

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