is this your culture?

Jeppe Larsen jwl at
Wed May 11 11:58:53 PDT 2005

Hi again

Thanx for your replies, and I can assure you that we have written all over
our report, that _good_ code is almost all that matters, so there
shouldn't be anything missing there. We will consider wbat to do with your
other suggestions.

Anyways, we have today tried a little different approach in desribeing
your culture. The following statements should be more broad and general,
and not related to some single things. They should be considered as what
you take for granted and what is "hidden" in the everyday life of FreeBSD,
but still matters.

So again, I hope you have time for a comment or two :-)

-That we share our knowledge makes us stronger (this should refer to the
whole "open-source/free software" ideology and that you value this
approach to knowledge and software and code)

-One must think for himself and do "the right thing" (here hopefully
referring to the mentality that one should at least have searched google,
the mailinglist archive and read som man-pages, before involving others in
his problems. It should also refer to the idea about "elegant software"
and writing software that gives the user the abillity to do what he wants
and not the other way around)

-Our way of doing things is right (well, this is very commonsense, because
of course you think that FreeBS at least has some things right, or else
you wouldn't be working on the project vulentarily. But it should also say
something about your little "distance" you make to the way for example
GNU/Linux does things. "The BSDL is true free software", "We love Unix,
we don't hate Windows" and so on)

Jeppe Larsen

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