is this your culture?

Jeppe W. Larsen jwl at
Mon May 9 13:07:40 PDT 2005

Hi there

I am writing as a representive for myself and the rest of my group of
students at CBS (Copenhagen Business School). We are writing a larger
project of the FreeBSD culture and have now come to a point in our
analysis, where we are supposed to reveal our "conclusions" to the
organisation we have researched, and then see how they respond to that.
So thats it!

They might seem a bit obvious and commonplace, but just say how well and
correct they seem to you. It should be said that I have translated them
from danish into english, and therefore something might seem a little
weird, but I hope it is understandable.
That we use "We" in our statements should be understand as "the FreeBSD
organisation" and not "we" as in my group.
Behind these statements we have a lot of other data describeing your
culture. These are just the "short conclusions", so anything you might
think of as part of the culture, should hopefully lay beneath these
statements in some way.

Thanks for your co-operation :-)

-If you want to be seen and get status, you have to show what you are
good at
-We are the helpfull faceless people
-In the end, it is the code that matters most
-We want to share our knowledge with others
-We control each other regarding to a set of norms, standards and
-Wisdom and truth is defined by the experienced members

Jeppe W. Larsen

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