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Fafa Hafiz Krantz fteg at london.com
Sun May 8 03:14:15 PDT 2005

> I really must say that Fafa is a useless troll.

Is the point of your rudeness towards me, whatever person I am,
of any more use to the FreeBSD community?

<0> You're a troll!
<1> No you're a troll!
<0> No you!
<1> NO!

> He requests his name not be on any mailing lists, yet acknowledges
> that it infact isn't even his/her name, and continues to mail the
> lists.

I asked for advice on how to clear names off mailinglists.
Not my own name, be it Fafa or be it Afaf, but the name of someone
I know who has been threatened by triads.

The only response I've gotten on that subject (THIS AIN'T IT, SO WHY
ARE YOU INTERMIXING YOU LITTLE *) is: you shold have been aware.

Oh well.


Fafa Hafiz Krantz
  Research Designer @ http://www.home.no/barbershop
  Enlightened @ http://www.home.no/barbershop/smart/sharon.pdf

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