Want a logo competition? Do it properly.

Fafa Hafiz Krantz fteg at london.com
Sat May 7 04:22:59 PDT 2005

> > No.
> As a user that has reaped far more benefit from the FreeBSD, and thus
> from its developers, than I could ever contribute, I agree with Dan's
> rather concise answer.

That is your manifesto.

FreeBSD is more dependant of its users than its users are of FreeBSD.
FreeBSD needs to live. Users could always switch to Linux.

> I have expressed my views in the email lists; and if I had any talent, I
> would submit a logo.  The decision, however, belongs to the Core Team.
> They've certainly earned it.

I agree with you on that. They have earned it.

But since it was the community of regular users that spawned the
discussions which eventually lead to this logo change, I believe that
the community should also get to participate in it.

> FreeBSD isn't a country of oppressed people.  Using FreeBSD isn't some
> sort of god-given right.  Often, we users could have a little more
> humility, show a little more appreciation and be a little less upity.
> (Did I spell that right?)

FreeBSD is for man kind by man kind.
FreeBSD is for rich, spoiled people by rich, spoiled people.
The same way FreeBSD is for oppressed people, by oppressed people.

All people.

We users (those of us who represent the next generation) are the ones
that'll eventually be put in charge of the project after our current
leaders retire or die.

I also agree with you that most BSD people need a change of attitude.
30% of all e-mails are more rude than even people with intentions to
kill would utter before killing.


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