Want a logo competition? Do it properly.

Johnson David davidjohnson at siemens.com
Fri May 6 11:41:10 PDT 2005

From: Fafa Hafiz Krantz [mailto:fteg at london.com]
> I believe that the FreeBSD Project -- representing an open and
> democratic rule and not a totalitarian power

The FreeBSD Project is not a totalitarian power. Trust me on this. Never
once in its long history has the FreeBSD Project ever oppressed or
subjugated a user. There have been rumours of domination, but I understand
it is between consenting partners...

The FreeBSD project, as will all other Free Software projects, are governed
not by "rule", but by 100% pure voluntary cooperation.

If it ends up that people don't like the new logo, they simply will refuse
to use it. End of story.

> Having said that, there should be no reason to fight over this.

No one who has read and understood the contest announcement is fighting over

David Johnson

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