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Tue Mar 29 16:32:45 PST 2005

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> From: "Michael W. Oliver" <michael at>

> Actually, Matt was on TSS twice "representing" FreeBSD, once with Murray
> in the "FreeBSD vs. Linux" show, and a second time with Brooks
> discussing FreeBSD clustering.

I went hunting for the clustering one  - No luck:
	Fails:	just has the V. Linux ones
Anyone have a good URL ?

PS If anyone's looking for the FreeBSD V. Linux one:
	   93419520 Sep  8  2003 freebsd_vs_linux-techtv_20030902-edited.avi
	  276869120 Sep  8  2003 freebsd_vs_linux_shootout-techtv-20030902.avi

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