BSD Certification Group press release

Eric Anderson anderson at
Thu Mar 17 04:51:26 PST 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Chris writes:
>>I'm not entirely sure what this is 'sposed to mean. If it means what I
>>think it does, I'll translate.
> It means that the real purpose of certification--no matter what type of
> certification it might be--is to allow some people to make more money
> unfairly to the detriment of others.
> It pains me to see something like FreeBSD going down this path.
> Clearly, someone wants to make money off certifications, directly or
> indirectly, and no scruples prevent them from attacking the open-source
> domain to that end.

Zzzzz.   Please move this to -chat (or better yet, /dev/null), as it is no longer advocating FreeBSD..


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