BSD Certification Group press release

Warren Smith warren at
Wed Mar 16 07:29:49 PST 2005

Andrew L. Gould said:
> Remember:  Never be afraid to assess your own skills.  How else can you
> identify, prioritize and correct your weaknesses?
> The process of becoming certified can be as valuable as the
> certification itself.

I agree.  I have quite a bit of experience in my field, but never
completed a degree or any certifications.  I am continually finding
"theory gaps" in my knowledge because of this.

I have recently gone back to school to finish my degree for two reasons:
First, to try and fill on some of those "theory gaps", and Second, to get
the "piece of paper" that is becoming more and more important for
advancement in my current job or finding a better one.

Certification programs can work similar to degree programs for filling the
"theory gaps".  They also look good on a resume and can enhance your
marketability.  They can't take the place of a degree or experience, but
when combined with either, they definitely help.

I am a professional programmer, not a sysadmin, so the value of having a
BSD certification might not be as high for me as for others.  However, it
definitely couldn't hurt.  I'll have to look into it once they actually
have a program put together.

Warren Smith
warren at

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