BSD Certification Group press release

Chris racerx at
Wed Mar 16 06:05:17 PST 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Remember: Always follow the money.

I'm not entirely sure what this is 'sposed to mean. If it means what I
think it does, I'll translate.

Never mind the BSD certs, concentrate on MS certs - after all, that's
where the money is at.

Well for me, I will do the BSD certs only for personal satisfaction.
Some people do get certs for that reason, while other do it for the
money, and others do so for job requirements.  So unless I'm wrong in my
translation (and knowing Anthony, I'm not), that's what that pretty much

Considering the types of user we BSD'ers seem to be (from my
experiences) sure, we care about money, but I'm willing to bet that
those of us that choose to do some sort of BSD certs, will be doing so
for our own personal satisfaction.

That says much about the type of folks most of us are. At least in my mind.

Best regards,

A budget is saving quarters in a mason jar for
Christmas and spending them by Easter.

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