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Matt Olander matt at
Tue Mar 15 10:31:53 PST 2005

On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 10:46:02AM -0500, Dru wrote:
> Below is the first press release regarding the BSD Certification Group.
> We will be developing the new BSD Certification initiative throughout
> the coming months.  As more news on this certification becomes available
> we will provide you with the details.
> I will be happy to provide further background on the BSD Certification 
> Group.  Please indicate a request for interview in the subject line.
> Please distribute through your normal channels.

Awesome Dru! If there's anything we can do to help, let me know!


> March 15, 2005
> BSD Certification Group Takes Initiative
> Today, the BSD Certification Group officially announces their website and
> group focused in the creation of BSD certification. The public website is
> at
> A number of BSD developers, systems administrators and advocates have 
> come together to begin the first steps in the creation of a standard 
> BSD certification. Today marks the official launch of their public 
> website at
> The BSDs, including FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and DragonflyBSD, are 
> mature operating systems based on the original Unix developed at 
> University of Berkeley, California.  BSD powers global Internet service 
> provider infrastructures, and BSD userland applications are familiar to 
> those running Apple's OS X operating system.  BSD tools like OpenSSH are 
> used to securely access remote systems, and many TCP/IP stacks are derived 
> from BSD.
> "While some may feel that a BSD certification would just replicate the
> problems that other certifications have created, namely lack of experience
> masked by a piece of paper, the committee is convinced that with the
> proper preparation and testing criteria, a tiered BSD certification process 
> can demonstrate real-world proficiency as well as provide a goal for those 
> just beginning their systems and network administration career," said 
> Dru Lavigne, networking and Unix instructor and the chair for the group.
> The BSD Certification Group looks to bring together the BSD projects, 
> important vendors, educational institutions and beyond to work to make 
> this project a success.
> The group invites all who are interested to subscribe to the public BSD 
> certification mailing list at
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