Cool, Matt! (was Re: Logo idea and concept)

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Mon Mar 7 13:16:37 PST 2005

Matt Olander wrote:

>I know, responding to my own post. How sad!

Ah, whatever.  I forget what I was trying to say by the end
of a post usually, anyway....

>At any rate, she put me through to Pixar's Manager of Public Relations,
>who didn't know what the hell I was talking about either. After a few minutes
>of explanation, he gave me his contact information and said that if I
>sent an email, he'd find out if they use OSX for any of their work.
>Fun stuff :-)

Trolling through their listings, it's quite obvious
that they do.  I mentioned the sysadmin position, and it definitely
says "experience in Linux/FreeBSD/OsX" is a plus....

Now, whether or not they divulge *exactly* what that
farm looks like, I kinda doubt.  But, yah never know....

Kevin Kinsey

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