Logo idea and FreeBSD.com concept

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Thu Mar 3 21:01:33 GMT 2005

> In other words, we're not allowed to discuss the specific implementation of
> advocacy? For example, websites?
> Poster One: "I've put up a great new advocacy site!"
> Poster Two: "Aaargh! My eyes, my eyes! Don't use blue text on an orange
> background!"
> Poster One: "Your comments are inappropriate for advocacy!"

Post to a forum of webmasters, not advocacy@, to discuss web design.
Likely same techniques whether promoting BSD or sewage pumps.

Post to a shoe designers forum, not advocacy@, to discuss 
comfortable style of shoe to walk round a computer district of
cities in, while advocating bookshops should stock & sell BSD cdroms.

Comfortable web pages & comfortable shoes are the medium, not the message.
Prating with web sites & debating about web style among the
already BSD- converted is hot air.

For advocacy@ Better discuss eg how to find a BSD stand sponsor,
fund, print & distribute BSD flyers.  Get a BSD talk inserted in a
tech seminar.  Seek an opening to do a BSD presentation to companies...
[see next post]

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