Logo idea and FreeBSD.com concept

Shawn Harrison harrison at tbc.net
Thu Mar 3 18:12:06 GMT 2005

Julian H. Stacey wrote [03/03/05 9:19 AM]:
> Advocacy@ should contain only what Helps BSD Advocacy, eg:
> 	"Who will help man a BSD stand in _Your_City_ in 2 weeks ?"
> 	"Who will help man a BSD install event in _Your_City_ in 2 weeks ?"
> 	"Who will co-author a BSD book ?"
> 	"Here's a _maintained_ URL, to print/forward to acquaintances who 
> 	 ask the eternal question: "Why use BSD rather than Linux ?""
> No defocused chat on advocacy@ please.  _Please_ chat on chat@   !!

Would you please clarify what you mean by "defocused chat"?

Does discussion of the best ways to go about advocating FreeBSD count as 
"chat" in your mind? Most of what has been discussed recently (apart 
from the religious flamewar, et al.) _has_ been related to the topic of 
"FreeBSD advocacy". Frankly, I don't see much going on here -- in the 
past few days, especially -- that violates the charter of the list:

	FreeBSD evangelism
	Furthering the Use of FreeBSD
	Share ideas and plan to increase the number of companies and 
individuals using FreeBSD

It seems that you are objecting to the list being used for discussion at 
all, if your allowed usage list is any indication. But this is a 
different question entirely from whether posts have been on or off 
topic. There's nothing wrong with on-topic discussion, even if it does 
mean a higher flow of mail than what this list has seen in the past. In 
fact, the topics in the list chart are inherently verbose. How do you 
"share ideas and plan X" without a lot of mails going back and forth?

Would you please clarify what off-topic conversation has been taking 
place? Let's confine the scope to the past two weeks, just for the sake 
of discussion.

Shawn Harrison

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