Logo idea and FreeBSD.com concept

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Thu Mar 3 15:18:41 GMT 2005

"Devon H. O'Dell" wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-03-03 at 11:23 +0100, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> > Personal (& list/ group) preferences for http://FreeBSD.com
> > to be fixed or variable width, are Irrelevant & a waste of our 
> > reading time.  http://freebsd.com points at freebsd.org but could
> > switch.  Owner has not given or sold domain to us.
> > 	whois freebsd.com
> > 	Registrant:
> > 	Internet Business Solutions Ltd. (DKWSKOEOWD)
> >    	Hardstrasse 235
> >    	Zurich, ZH 8005
> > Please be more realistic on issues.  There's too much hot air on this list.
> As I have stated before, the idea is to have a site readily available
> and endorsed by the project as a PR site for businesses and
> corporations. Whether or not the site is accessible via FreeBSD.com is
> irrelevant.

I don't mean personal criticism of any one person.  But ...
There's Far too much idle chat on advocacy at . Some should subscribe chat@, 
& some of us should direct windy threads & people to chat@

Noise to signal ratio on advocacy@ remains so high I'm considering 
unsubscribing again, unfortunate as I'm interested in Practical BSD advocacy
   ( Created a BSD-UG, initiated BSD leaflet for exhibitions,
     organised BSD stands etc http://berklix.org/bim/leaflet/ ).

Advocacy@ should contain only what Helps BSD Advocacy, eg:
	"Who will help man a BSD stand in _Your_City_ in 2 weeks ?"
	"Who will help man a BSD install event in _Your_City_ in 2 weeks ?"
	"Who will co-author a BSD book ?"
	"Here's a _maintained_ URL, to print/forward to acquaintances who 
	 ask the eternal question: "Why use BSD rather than Linux ?""

No defocused chat on advocacy@ please.  _Please_ chat on chat@   !!
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