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Vadim Goncharov vadim_nuclight at
Wed Jun 22 20:13:44 GMT 2005

Hello Andy,

Thursday, June 23, 2005, 3:03:20 AM, you wrote:

AG> On 21 Jun 2005, at 01:38, Bob Martin wrote:
>> IMHO, if they can roll out a patch to a major security flaw in a  
>> day, they should have been able to fix the uptime clock at some  
>> point in the last decade. Odd that MS can do something that Linux  
>> can't.
AG> This was fixed about 3 years ago.

Sure? So why Netcraft states about it aven nowadays? Even more, it says
that some versions of FreeBSD (newer, as I understood) also wrap that
uptime counter?

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