Use send-pr. Use chat@.

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Jun 22 19:14:55 GMT 2005

> I feel the handbook could be made clearer in some areas, but I
> believe it is good in general.

( This Not directed at sender above, so sender's name omitted, but the above
  is a mild example of much worse noise from other hollow vessels on this list.
  If it doesn't help practical advocacy, a posting belongs to
  freebsd-chat at , not advocacy@ , please more subscribe chat@ )

Before posting to advocacy@ eg:
	"I think ...  FreeBSD should .... blah, wheeze, drone ...."
Ask yourself: "When Did I Last Contribute Anything To FreeBSD ?"

Please DO improve doc/ src/ ports/ www/  ...
create an improved version of the original master & then use diff & send-pr.
Non programmers contribute patches for doc/ & www/

Consider the gnats receipt from send-pr your licence to post advocacy@
(I sent a send-pr (re. man cvs yesterday), so I'm `paid up' for this one :-)

Go for it, send one !	 man send-pr ; send-pr
Julian Stacey        Net & Sys Eng Consultant, Munich
Mail in Ascii (Html=Spam).  Ihr Rauch = mein allergischer Kopfschmerz.

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