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Tuesday, June 21, 2005, 12:48:23 AM, you wrote:

>> For those of you who haven't seen it, FreeBSD has an entry
>> in Wikipedia:
JD> The Netcraft sentence is quite strange. Instead of just saying FreeBSD has
JD> the longest uptime at Netcraft, it's prefixed with "of the operating systems
JD> that accurately report uptime remotely". It's like saying "of all the people
JD> who actually ran the Boston Marathon, Joe was the fastest."
JD> Looking at the discussion and history, there's a bit of controversy over
JD> this. In my mind, if you don't compete you don't get a prize.

That sentence is right. In fact, you cannot say they don't compete -
from one point of view, the systems are not compete at all, as it is
Netcraft's initiative, not systems. From the other point of view, they
compete by other ways -
shows uptime of participating linux machines with special script
(workaround of this remote problem), and it is more 1400 days on the
first place. BTW, not all version of FreeBSD can report this properly to
Netcraft, so situation is even worse.

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