Negative Review of FreeBSD 5.4

M. Goodell freebsdutah at
Tue Jun 14 03:51:12 GMT 2005

After reading this review and seeing the comment at the bottom that reads: 
"Low-end Web and email servers, desktop users" 
I felt compelled to respond. 
I am personally responsible for three FreeBSD systems. The first being a combination Web Server / Mail Server / DNS Server / FTP Server / MySQL Database server (11+ gig - rebuilt from the ground up once a week) This is our main web server that runs our primary e-commerce site. The Webalizer table shown in this post I believe is a testament to the fact: Our FreeBSD 5.3 web server simply takes a beating and just keeps on running with zero hiccups - period. 
Summary by MonthMonthDaily AvgMonthly TotalsHitsFilesPagesVisitsSitesKBytesVisitsPagesFilesHitsJun 2005471583863475381274871019740041657098005502247613062May 20055198640956914614022096750990034347628353412696371611584Apr 20055195242175998714312029249523324293829961712652501558579Mar 200562876506601230516972515164497005263338145915704661949175Feb 200559685473751156515622184154251194376132383313265091671185Jan 200559309464821159715472336859381794797135950814409571838596Dec 200454263422881086014732165554502784568533666213109291682178Nov 20044460134908887012711728344896543813426612810472651338054Oct 20044388534678879012601797844660963906727250910750391360438Sep 20044728736904921214111860646061084235027638311071321418618Aug 20044722936825935814791920146368814587029011011415801464129Jul 200446883358721020714221817749911654411031643011120551453382Totals5847851950256535041781416906617958980
The second and third boxes are mail servers that handle E-mail for a national company that pitched their RedHat Linux solution in favor of FreeBSD 5.3 - 5.4. These mail servers handle literally thousands of e-mails everyday - again, without any problems. (Postfix / Amavis / ClamAV) awesome combo!
Now, the fact is that "all dogs have fleas" - but I think for someone to state FreeBSD 5.3 / 5.4 are not ready for prime time is not accurate, at least not in my case. It does not get any more "Prime Time" than what we have done with FreeBSD. For us, the proof is in the pudding. I am glad to have FreeBSD out there working so well for us and I am proud to slap my "Powered By FreeBSD" stickers on all three systems.
Just a testimonial from the front line & real world . . .
M. Goodell

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