filesystems not properly unmounted [OT]

Matthias Buelow mkb at
Mon Jun 6 15:17:36 GMT 2005

Yuval Levy wrote:

> yourself, and improve your own results to become even better. Usability
> is a count on which FreeBSD has weaknesses, especially in the eye of the
> large segment of users who value a GUI, i.e. those coming from the
> Windows world.

Maybe, but I only speak for myself, and not for that large segment of
users who value a [Windows-style] GUI. I always found X11 more useful
than Windows, if only because I could resize dialog windows, something
that still doesn't seem to have made it into many Windows programs.
OTOH, font handling is better on Windows. The new Xft stuff on X11 is a
bloody mess.


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