filesystems not properly unmounted [OT]

Matthias Buelow mkb at
Mon Jun 6 13:48:22 GMT 2005

Maxi Combina wrote:

> companies, etc) to move to an open source OS, we must do an effort. I
> think that there are a lot of linux distros out there that are really
> easy to use, and even more "friendly" or "beatiful" than windows.
> I dont think that FreeBSD has achieved this. I dont think there is
> need. FreeBSD is more suitable for a server station, but not for the
> desktop. I use linux both as server and desktop with excelent results.

If you want a Unix desktop, like most likely many people on this mailing
list want, or need, you can use FreeBSD aswell as Linux but not Windows
(even with things like UWin or Cygwin, it's a pain).

I don't understand this "we need to compete with Windows on the desktop"
thing. I've never considered Windows to be particularly useful as a
desktop environment, why should the Unix systems compete with it?

[And btw., please let's move this discussion to -advocacy, since it
doesn't really belong on this list.]


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