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Chris racerx at
Sun Jun 5 21:22:56 GMT 2005

Darren Pilgrim wrote:
> From: Chris
>>While it's true anyone can flame anybody - we in the channel do have
>>some easy things to follow before asking. In the topic it refers to
>>seeking the Handbook, /usr/ports/updating & /usr/src/updating.
>>Many users after reading such topics generally find that it's not much
>>to ask that they do a few things on ones own. I have been in that
>>channel for over a year, and while it's certainly try that 
>>does and can happen - it's generally warranted.
> Treating people like dirt just for asking a question is NEVER warranted,
> even if that question is at the level of, "What's the number for 911?"
> People who come and ask questions are, at some level, genuinely in need of
> help and deserve a genuine response.  If it's in the Handbook, then tell
> them, "You need to do $FOO.  A guide and reference can be found in the
> Handbook, section $BAR."
> People only grow when they realize their stupidity on their own terms.
> Forcing such realizations down their throats is not useful.

While I certainly can't argue against what you are saying - you need to
apply that to lists also. Far too often I have seen (and contributed)
the same thing on the FBSD lists.

There are exceptions. As I said, IRC is not perfect. There are users
that are willing to, and are doing so, helping. It's like the list
moderatators - when a thread gets out of hand, its halted or removed.

Additionally (I want to stress this) our FBSD lists are NOT exempt from
exactly what you have mentioned.

And in the end, all I posted was a thread to allow users to visit any of
the FBSD channels on any of the IRC networks and let them judge for

Please don't be the judge for them.

I shall not continue this thread - I have made my points, and I have
listened to counter points (and some I agreed with).

IRC is just another form of gaining help should a user wish to try it.

Best regards,

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately
explained by stupidity.

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