Negative Review of FreeBSD 5.4

Jon Mercer jon.mercer at
Thu Jun 2 10:52:07 PDT 2005

On Thu, June 2, 2005 18:47, Neal E. Westfall said:
>>> Anybody have any thoughts on this review?
>> I suggest you provide your thoughts first.
> Well, as I run FreeBSD on older 32-bit hardware, I have not seen some of
> the problems the author mentions, so my thoughts on the article will be
> somewhat limited.  The impression the author gives is that the 4.X branch
> was more stable, but it doesn't appear that the author has actually used
> the 4.X branch.  It probably isn't really a fair comparison anyway, as the
> 4.X branch doesn't support the hardware he was trying to use.
> I would have liked to see how a major linux distribution or two would have
> fared on the same hardware.  I don't think that the reviewer really did
> extensive enough testing to be able to render a fair review, as he was
> using some pretty bleading edge hardware, and it is not clear from the
> review whether linux would have fared much better.
> Then again, as a FreeBSD user myself for a good 15 years or so, I am
> probably a little biased towards FreeBSD.  Maybe linux is rock-solid on a
> 64-bit platform.  It appears to be pretty stable at my jobsite, where we
> run 64-bit Linux on two Altix servers, but they do freeze up every once in
> a while, maybe once every 2-3 months, requiring a hardware reset.
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The same reviewer did a review of OpenBSD a couple of articles previously:

On the whole his experience looked worse than with FreeBSD, but the tone
of the OBSD article was more favorable. Anyone else notice this?

Jem Matzan just seems to be anti-FreeBSD.
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