Negative Review of FreeBSD 5.4

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Thu Jun 2 10:31:07 PDT 2005


I do not think that this guy is that wrong.

It was not the best move to declare 5.3 usable for production. Not even 5.4.

It is not a single major problem in there, it is the number of little, 
little problems which can run people crazy who have to keep a web- or 
any other server up and running.

Even upgrading to 5.4 was not 100% perfect for me. 99,9% is not enough 
if a company waits behind your back to start work.

Do not get me wrong. I think the problems with FreeBSD 5.x are real 
minor things, only the label 'production' is what bothers. One more 
round with 4.11 as production and at least 5.3 with some other sticker 
would have been better for FreeBSD's reputation.

It is not the technical guys who decide finally which operating system 
is used in a company. But those guys take this kind of articles as a 
base for a 'no' to the usage of FreeBSD.


Neal E. Westfall wrote:
> Anybody have any thoughts on this review?
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